Name: Sarah Petchell

Instagram Handle: @Sarah_petchell

Occupation: Chaplain

Hobbies: Gym, reading, writing, Netflix

BOX/Gym: FitStop Strathpine

Favourite Cheat Meal?: Steak with mashed potato and corn and dessert

What do you like about representing BXFT?: Representing a brand that has a message behind it and is truly inclusive.

Favourite type of workout?: Strength workout, bench and push press

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: Yes, preparing for the Invictus Games

Goals for 2022?: Get to the invictus games and pass all my Army fitness tests

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: The rising tides lifts all boats, (basically if you are YOUR best you allow other to be theirs)


Name: Mina Shahbazpour

Instagram Handle: @__._mina_.__

Occupation: Nurse

Hobbies: Gymming Climbing Walking Eating

BOX/Gym: World Gym Northlakes

Favourite Cheat Meal?: Pizza

What do you like about representing BXFT?: Helping my friend to make her dreams come to reality and the quality of clothes and variety is good

Favourite type of workout?: Weight lifting

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: Nope

Goals for 2022?: Stay sane and fit

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: Be the change that you wish to see in the world


Name: Kate Oppatt

Instagram Handle: @The_Oppatt_Clan

Occupation: Workplace Health and Safety

Hobbies: AFL Baseball Crossfit

BOX/Gym: Home Gym

Favourite Cheat Meal?: Anything sweet (bloody love a good jam cream donut)

What do you like about representing BXFT?: Supporting a local business that produces lasting products

Favourite type of workout?: Anything heavy, please don't make me do cardio

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: Not at this stage

Goals for 2022?: To find a steady work/home balance to enable my weightloss journey to continue

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: You can never expect to succeed if you only put in the work on the days you feel like it


Name: Shannon Zimmerle

Instagram Handle: @Shannyzshrinking

Occupation: Team Leader for Claims Managers in Disaster Response Event Claims

Hobbies: Gym, watching football (Titans and Panthers), going to the beach

BOX/Gym: Goodlife

Favourite Cheat Meal?: I don't believe in cheat meals. I like to eat in moderation as long as it's within my calories

What do you like about representing BXFT?: I love tht we are all 'everyday' people. We are all shapes and sizes and represent so many body types

Favourite type of workout?: I love the leg press, assisted pull up machine for legs, Les Mills Bodyjam and Body Combat

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: No

Goals for 2022?: Settle into my new place and get back to lots of my gym sessions. I aim to lose another 15kg

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: You will never appreciate the good, unless you've experienced the bad


Name: Kelly Greenslade

Instagram Handle: @upyourself_training

Occupation: Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

Hobbies: Gym, body building, family time, dogs, chocolate

BOX/Gym: Private studio with Paul's Body Engineering - The Engine Room

Favourite Cheat Meal?: I don't have a cheat meal, all fits within balance. I love chocolate and eat it regularly, also love Mexican which I have almost weeky 

What do you like about representing BXFT?: I love the tram, that they are local, empowered humans all trying to achieve their best through this crazy life

Favourite type of workout?: Deads. Any heavy stuff

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: Not for me. But I will be competing in bodybuilding and aiming high for a overall win in 2022

Goals for 2022?: Overall winner for my division in bodybuilding 2022

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: Be yourself, you look beautiful like that


Name: Sahnequa Timperley

Instagram Handle: @Sharni_20

Occupation: School

Hobbies: CrossFit, bmx, weightlifting

BOX/Gym: CrossFit western front, Ipswich weightlifting club

Favourite Cheat Meal?: Zarafas

What do you like about representing BXFT?: I love the amazing community, the connections you build with all the other amazing ambassadors, the opportunity to meet so many more people and to get involved. the amazing owners and love helping out with the shop at events! I love it so so much

Favourite type of workout?: EMOM or words

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: Yes, in both CrossFit and weightlifting

Goals for 2022?: To become stronger mentally and physically To ambassadors BXFT to the best of my ability To encourage and inspire people, no matter how they look or To motivate people into doing good things for themselves

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: I have many quotes "It won't happen unless you do, no one is going to do it for you"



Name: Chris Grace

Instagram Handle: @Chris.j.b.grace

Occupation: Mechanic by trade, super dad 24/7

Hobbies: CrossFit, family time


Favourite Cheat Meal?: Ice cream or Pizza

What do you like about representing BXFT?: I love being apart of something with a purpose and I love helping other people

Favourite type of workout?: Clean or assault bike

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: HELL YES

Goals for 2022?: Get fit and compete in a RX division in a comp

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: Be better then yesterday Make memories



Name: Hanna

Instagram Handle: @__hanleigh__

Occupation: Retail Sales Associate

Hobbies: Sewing, Dirtbikes, Gym & Beach

BOX/Gym: FitStop Strathpine

Favourite Cheat Meal?: Definitely Guzman y Gomez - Burrito Bowl 

What do you like about representing BXFT?: I love supporting this local small business. watching them grow. Seeing their dreams come to reality & the best part is BXFT products are for all. Look Good, Feel Good!!

Favourite type of workout?: Anything without burpees!!

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: No

Goals for 2022?: To grow my Hobby into a Small buiness!!

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: Keep it Simple!



Name: Jodie Weatherall

Instagram Handle: @jodesfit77

Occupation: Business Manager, Dept of Justice and Attorney-General

Hobbies: Cooking, weight training, reading, studying

BOX/Gym: Goodlife

Favourite Cheat Meal?: I don't really have one. I just love food in general

What do you like about representing BXFT?: I love representing a local business especially in this strange time we are currently living in

Favourite type of workout?: Lifting anything heavy. I am one of those weird people who does love leg day

Will you be competing in the 2022 Open?: No - I am a body builder and will be competing in Season B 2022. I would love to learn some crossfit moves though

Goals for 2022?: To win an overall title in my division. Maybe set up to figure division and see how I go

Favourite Inspirational Quote?: I love a good inspirational quote. My favourite would have to be: "Anything that's worth having is worth fighting for. Quitting is out of the question, when it gets tough, gotta fight some more"